DARA-ESRA Symposium 2019, Friday 1st  &  Saturday 2nd February

Classics with a twitch

Shoulder surgery by Prof. Dr. Jeff Gadsden



12.30-13.00                 -Registration - Lunch - Exhibition-

13.00-13.05                 WELCOME                                                                                                                                             Drs. Luc Tielens

13.10-13.55                 1. Shoulder surgery which Block we use                                                                                                Prof. Dr. Jeff Gadsden

13.55-14.45                 2. PECS Blocks: Good, Bad or Ugly?                                                                                                    Dr. Barbara Versyck

14.45-15.15                 -Coffee - Exhibition-  

15.15-16.45                 3. FIC block: the Supra-Inguinal approache                                                                                            Dr. Kris Vermeylen

16.00-17.00                 WORKSHOPS (1st session)                                                                                                                    All instructors

17.00-17.15                 -The - Exhibition-

17.15-18.15                 WORKSHOPS (2nd session)

18.15-19.00                 -Autumn drinks the fire!!

18.30-19.30                 DARA general meeting of members                                                                                                        Drs. Luc Tielens

19.30-21.30                 -Walking Dinner -......with Live Band!!

21.30- ........                 -After Party -….........with Disco!!


09.00-09.50                 WORKSHOPS (3th session)

09.50-10.40                 WORKSHOPS (4th session)                                                                                                

10.40-11.00                 -Coffee - Exhibition-

11.00-11.30                 recent developments in RA & PM                                                                                                            Prof. Dr. Marcus Hollman

11.30- 12.15                All about abdominal wall blocks                                                                                                             Prof. Dr. Jeff Gadsden

12.15-13.15                 Mathieu Gielen Prize Awards                                                                                                                 Dr. Markus Stevens

13.15-13.30                 Closing DARA-ESRA Symposium 2018                                                                                                 Drs. Luc Tielens

13.30                           -Lunch & Farewell-

WS 1  Plainair session AIOS                                                                              Dr. Karin Schoenmakers / Drs. Luc Tielens

WS 2  Shoulder surgery blocks                                                                           Prof. Dr. Jeff Gadsden

WS 3  FIC Block Supra-Inguinal                                                                         Dr. Kris Vermeylen

WS 4  PECS blocks                                                                                            Dr. Barbara Versyck (Dr. Arjan Konijn / Dr. Werner ten Hoope)

WS 5  Psoas-compartment block                                                                        Dr. Markus Stevens / Dr. Manfred Hirner

(WS 6  Abdominal wall blocks                                                                             Drs. Jorrit van Wees / Drs. Roel van Vugt